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High School Digital Art Courses at Sterling Academy

Expand your knowledge of technology through our digital arts courses

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Develop digital design skills through our high school Digital Arts courses at Sterling Academy!  We offer 4 courses in this subject area, each worth one semester (0.5 credit). 

Full-time students at Sterling Academy can take these courses for their electives.  If you are a full-time student at another school but your school does not offer these courses, you can enroll at Sterling Academy part-time and take the courses you wish. These courses are 100% online, and since we are an accredited school, you can generally easily transfer credits earned back to your high school.

What can you learn in our courses?  Well, not only will we teach you how to apply established graphic design principles and how to use the digital graphic programs that are out there today, but also how to learn so that you can quickly adapt to the ever-changing list of new graphic tools. Our courses give you many opportunities to create vector based graphics, apply effective graphic design principles, and create 3-dimensional models and animations. Most of the digital tools we use in our courses are free. 

A typical course will ask you to create a project by first breaking down the specific skills you will need to know to succeed. You practice these skills separately, then you practice integrating the skills. At this point, you will feel confident as you successfully complete the required project.


Game Design I

The possibilities are endless when it comes to video game design! Learn about the history of gaming, software and hardware, trouble shooting, and Internet safety. Tap into your creative abilities and learn the necessary technical skills to design your own gaming platforms and create a plan for a 2D game. Turn your hobby into a future career.**

Game Design II

Explore all things related to video game design. Gain skills to conceptualize, design, and fully create a video game. Explore software and hardware, sharpen your coding skills, learn about storylines, player progression, and algorithmic decision making. Analyze a variety of game play components.**

**These courses require students to download software.  Minimum system requirements apply.

Middle School Digital Art & Design

Digital art and design involves everything from advertising to animation to photography and more. In this course, you’ll learn about the evolution of art; the basic principles of art and design; the role of art in politics and society; and how to create digital art and make it come alive.*

Middle School Photography: Drawing With Light

Students see photographs every day on television, on the Internet, and in magazines and newspapers. What makes a great photograph? How did the artist capture a story? What makes a great picture? What are careers in photography? In this course, students learn and apply fundamental skills to use a camera and take photographs of animals, people, and landscapes. Students gain an understanding of how photography can be a means of documentation or high art. Students examine photographic careers and explore self-reflection to progress their creative growth as they develop a photographic portfolio. This course helps students select subjects, take a photograph, and print and display memories!*

Digital Photography I: Creating Images With Impact

Have you ever wondered how photographers take such great pictures? Have you tried to take photographs and wondered why they didn’t seem to capture that moment that you saw with your eyes? The online high school Digital Photography I course focuses on the basics of photography, including building an understanding of aperture, shutter speed, lighting, and composition. Students will be introduced to the history of photography and basic camera functions. Students will use the basic techniques of composition and camera functions to build a portfolio of images, capturing people, landscapes, close-up, and action photographs.*

Digital Photography II: Discovering Your Creative Potential

In today’s world, photographs are all around us, including in advertisements, on websites, and hung on our walls as art. Many of the images that we see have been created by professional photographers. In this online high school photography course, we will examine various aspects of professional photography, including the ethics of the profession, and examine some of the areas that professional photographers may choose to specialize in, such as wedding photography and product photography. We will also learn more about some of the most respected professional photographers in history and we will learn how to critique photographs in order to better understand what creates an eye catching photograph.*

*These courses require students to provide some materials in order to complete their projects.