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Online Foreign Language Classes

Sterling Academy offers the opportunity for students to choose from five different foreign languages to study.

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Most colleges require students to have studied 2 years of a foreign language in high school. Sterling Academy currently offers 5 world languages to choose from: Chinese, German, Latin, French, and Spanish.  In all of these languages, we offer two years of study for middle school.  For high school, we offer two years of Chinese, German, and Latin, and three years of French and Spanish.  We use PowerSpeak online curriculum for our world languages courses.

In addition to full-time Sterling Academy students having these foreign language classes available for study, those who just want to take Chinese or German with us, for example, can enroll for just the language courses.

Our online foreign language curriculum was designed in conjunction with Middlebury Language Institute and K12.  The video below introduces the background of the curriculum, then provides samples of types of activities in the course.

 (Note: What is shown in the segment from 2:04 to 4:12 in the video has since been changed and will look different now, but the introductory background, as well as the course material and activities shown from 4:12 to the end of the video, are still current.)

Which language would you like to study?  Not sure?  Learn more by clicking the links below.

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