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Students in difficult social situations

At Sterling Academy, we believe every student deserves a positive learning environment, free from fear or anxiety

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Bullying has become a national epidemic in our middle and high schools. Cliques, peer pressure to use drugs or alcohol, fear of violence – any of these situations can also derail your child’s desire to go to school. The toll is often emotional and physical as well as educational. All too often, students -- and parents, too – feel as if they are alone, with no one to turn to for help.


There is no reason for your child to attend a school where they are uncomfortable. We’re here to help, in a way that can bring peace of mind to both you and your child. Finally, they can get back to learning rather than worrying or dodging school altogether.

Sterling Academy is 100% online, so it’s an ideal solution no matter where you live. We welcome full-time students in grades 6-8 as well as high school students working toward their diploma. Your child can study in the safety and privacy of your home, or by using your computer anywhere with an internet connection.

Our online school is fully accredited through Cognia/SACS, and we use top-of-the-line curriculum. Beyond core requirements, students have access to an impressive array of electives typically not available in traditional schools that pique interest, engage minds and open doors to new opportunities.

Sterling Academy students set their own study schedule and work at their own pace. If something is particularly interesting – or especially difficult – they can spend as much time on it as they need. If they need help, our certified teachers are available to schedule mutually-convenient one-on-one discussion. When concepts are easier to grasp, students can move through the material quickly.

Switching to our online school allows your child to live up to their promise, whatever that may be. They can replace anxiety with self-confidence and enhanced skills in problem-solving, critical thinking and research – skills essential for success in the global 21st century. They can move on to better things -- high school graduation, college, a satisfying career.


Don’t wait another day. Your middle or high school student can enroll with Sterling Academy at any time and start learning right away in a comfortable environment conducive to study.


Although she has millions of YouTube and Instagram followers today, Bethany Mota’s future could have been very different. She was bullied as a young teen in public school, desperately looking for an alternative. Confidence returned when she removed herself from that environment, and that confidence enabled her to turn her interest in online video into a fun and inspiring career.