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Students with Health Issues

Attending online school at Sterling Academy gives students with health issues the flexibility they need

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Sometimes students find themselves dealing with a chronic health condition, a temporary but lengthy illness or severe injuries that require long-term recovery. When your child is navigating significant health challenges, it can throw their entire routine into a tailspin, preventing them from attending school on a regular basis.

Parents worry their child will fall behind in their studies. Students who are frequently absent may even be declared “truant” because they cannot meet their school’s physical attendance requirement. Students themselves worry how they will catch up, or whether they’ll be able to graduate on time. It’s frustrating and stressful, at an already-difficult time.


Sterling Academy eliminates concerns about maintaining educational progress in the face of health challenges, because our school is 100% online. “Attendance” is wholly adaptable to individual situations.

As a Sterling Academy middle or high school student, you can log on to work on coursework any time you feel up to it, 24/7. You can study from anywhere – home, a health care facility or elsewhere -- as long as there is an internet connection, so you can work around treatment or therapy schedules. On good days, you can accomplish more.

You work at your own pace, so you can progress quickly through material that comes easily to you and spend as much time as you need to grasp concepts or subjects that are more difficult. When you need help, our certified teachers are also flexibly available to schedule one-on-one discussion time. We offer generous grade-level completion timelines that can be customized to a student's personal situation and needs.

Another benefit at Sterling Academy for students facing health challenges is that days missed do not harm the student’s grade or prevent a student from passing a course.  As part of our flexible schedule set-up, we measure the student’s academic progress over time. Students pass or fail based on their academic achievements, not according to the number of days attended or missed.

The Sterling Academy solution is more than a stop-gap. We offer far more courses than you’ll find at traditional schools (and many online schools) – not just required core classes but dozens of electives. Because our courses are technology-based, the content is diverse, delivered in interactive audio, video and text-based formats.

Online study also effectively teaches you to take initiative for your own study and sharpen your critical thinking and problem solving skills. You have an opportunity to use your mind productively while your body heals.


At Sterling Academy, we offer a tremendous range of electives that allow students to pursue a special interest, investigate potential career fields and “try on” new things and ideas. Beyond the academic value of these electives, taking classes that personally resonate with you can help distract you from the physical and emotional effects of your health issues, giving you a chance to contemplate and work toward a brighter future. 


Middle and high school students can enroll and get started learning online at any time. When you are well enough, if you wish to return to your traditional school, credits can be easily transferred, because Sterling Academy is regionally accredited by Cognia. Of course, you may well decide you would rather continue attending our school as a full-time online student.