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Technology Requirements at Sterling Academy

There are certain pieces of hardware and operating systems which work best with our curriculum. Review them below. 

At Sterling Academy we use an online learning management system called Canvas, which connects our teachers and students with all the digital tools we use. Within Canvas we use online curriculum from Edgenuity. These programs enable us to provide the outstanding range of interactive, multi-media course presentations that make our online high school more engaging and interesting. Below is listed the technology requirements for both systems.

Technology RequirementsAs of April 2020, Canvas supports*:

  • Windows 7 and newer
  • Mac OSX 10.10 and newer
  • Linux - chromeOS
  • Android 5.0 or later
  • iOS 12 or later
  • Chrome 84 and 85
  • Firefox 79 and 80
  • Edge 84 and 85
  • Safari12 and 13 (Macintosh only)
Minimum requirements for Edgenuity are:
  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • MacOS X 10.9+
  • Chrome OS 57+
  • Android 5.0+ (Note: While the Android OS is supported, the Android browser is not; Chrome should be used)**
  • Apple iOS 10.3+**
  • Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge browsers -- only the latest supported versions

You will need an internet connection with a download speed of at least 1.5Mbps. Anything slower will cause videos to stutter and other aspects to work improperly. Edgenuity says students need to have a sound card, speakers, microphone (or headset with microphone).

We have a complete PDF list that shows which courses are fully compatible on tablets, which are partially compatible, or not compatible.

*The rule that Canvas goes by for browser support is that they will only support the two latest versions.  While it may be possible to use an older version of a browser, some things may not work properly on older versions.

**While much of Edgenuity content works on smartphones, Edgenuity does not offer support for smartphones.