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International Students

Attending online school at Sterling Academy assures consistency and flexibility for international students

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American students find themselves living abroad for any number of reasons. Parents may relocate for military, government or corporate postings, or they (or the entire family) may be professional stage performers whose work requires frequent travel for long periods. Parents worry about how their children can maintain educational continuity without back-sliding or redundancy.

For students, the uncertainty of not knowing how long you’ll be in place – or where you may go next – can put more stress on students already uprooted during their emotionally difficult middle and high school years. Attending a local school or even a local international school can offer some benefits, but it cannot help you “stay the course.”

Sometimes foreign students wish to study in English to improve their language skills or to earn an American high school diploma.


At Sterling Academy, we welcome students in middle and high school working toward their diploma. Our school is 100% online, so students can learn from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. That ensures consistency and continuity, no matter where you are now or wherever you may be between now and when you graduate.

Each student sets their own schedule and works at their own pace. You can move quickly through material that comes easily to you and devote as much time as you need to fully understanding topics or concepts that are more difficult. And you can conveniently accommodate family activities or travel.

At Sterling Academy, we offer far more courses than you’ll find at most traditional schools, including an extensive selection of electives with advanced course and job-readiness options. Instruction is in English. Many classes are also available in some foreign languages, affording a unique opportunity to improve your skill in the language of your new “home” country.

Our certified teachers are both guides and mentors. They use familiar American-style teaching methods, although online courses are delivered in a wide variety of engaging formats – not just reading and writing assignments but interactive video, labs, etc. And even though you may be on another continent, if you have specific questions about the material you’re studying or you want to explore something in greater detail, you can schedule a mutually convenient time to talk to your teacher, one-on-one.


As a parent, you can be confident your child is getting a top-quality education, because Sterling Academy is regionally accredited by Cognia, which is dedicated to advancing excellence in education worldwide, serving 36,000 institutions with a total of 25 million students and 5 million educators.

That also means credits earned can be easily transferred to colleges or another high school.