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Online Health & Fitness Courses

Accredited Online High School PE Curriculum


When you take a Health or Physical Education course online at Sterling Academy, it allows you to work independently (self-paced) and it can match your learning style, combined with the flexibility of time to achieve appropriate physical education learning tasks and course requirements. Often students struggle in traditional school in Health and PE for a variety of reasons, including being put into activities that don’t interest them, having to participate in situations not appropriate for their skill level, and having a strict schedule that students are not comfortable with. If traditional Health and PE classes don’t work for you, Sterling Academy’s courses might just be the perfect solution.

At Sterling Academy, students will use 21st century technology skills that they will need later in their academic careers. They will be able to choose physical activities that are appropriate to their individual skill and interest level.  Since courses are all online, students will be able to create and choose their own exercise schedule, and always have a teacher available to provide personal “one on one” assistance along the way.

Along with the physical part of the class, Sterling Academy’s Health and PE courses also teach appropriate ways to get and stay healthy, proper and safe ways to exercise, and promote lifelong healthy living. Students will take away skills and knowledge that they will use for the rest of their lives.


Health 1: Life management Skills

This one-semester high school health offering examines and analyzes various health topics. It places alcohol use, drug use, physical fitness, healthy relationships, disease prevention, relationships and mental health in the context of the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle. (0.5 credit)

Healthy Living

Two-semester Healthy Living is a similar but alternative course to Health 1: Life Management Skills. For the most part the same topics are covered. Some differences are: coverage of human anatomy (skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular and other body systems), which is not found in the above course; and no coverage of LGBT topics. Also, while both courses cover abstinence and contraception, this course strongly leans toward abstinence, compared to the more neutral approach of Life Management Skills. (1 credit)

HOPE physical education

The HOPE course begins with development of good physical fitness practices. Next, body composition is reviewed in the context of seeking a healthy Body Mass Index. Then students design a wellness and personal health program for themselves. The latter part of the course focuses on health issues such as emotional health, positive relationships, nutrition and diet, reproductive health, with lessons on drugs, diseases and health, and first aid. (1 credit)

Fitness lifestyle design & Personal fitness

Each course combines comprehensive online instruction wih student participation in fitness activities. Throughout the course, students assess individual fitness levels according to the five components of physical fitness: cardiovascular health, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Through the application of personal fitness assessments, studens will design a fitness program to meet their individual fitness goals. Upon completion of the course, students will have knowledge to stay fit and active throughout their lifetime.

The differences in short, the Fitness Lifestyle Design course is more suited for those who are physically active, participating in sports (either competitive or for personal enjoyment) or frequently physically active in other types of activities. The Personal Fitness course is more suited for those who are less focused on sports.

0.5 credit of PE is required for graduation. Students may choose between Fitness Lifestyle Design or Personal Fitness or HOPE to fulfill this requirement. A student can only earn PE credit in one of these courses.

About our Health & PE Teacher

CF photo for Maestro

Dr. Carey Fabacher
Sterling Academy
Health & PE Teacher 

Dr. Fabacher comes from the medical field with over 20+ years of Clinical experience. He completed his undergraduate studies at McNeese State University in Louisiana. He then moved to Texas where he graduated from Parker University where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree. He then later obtained his master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care Management. He has taught school for over 5 years in both an on-campus & online model. Dr. Fabacher holds certifications in both ECG as well as Patient care.