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Struggling Students

Students who are struggling in traditional school can get the help they need to succeed at Sterling Academy

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Students who are struggling to keep up in school can easily become disenchanted. By the time they reach high school, they are at risk of dropping out instead of graduating, causing themselves life-long harm.

Not every student is a fast learner. For most of us, there are at least some subjects that are more difficult to grasp. In a traditional classroom setting, there often isn’t enough time for teachers to provide all the help you may need. The class progresses at an “average” pace, which may mean moving on before you feel ready. You fall behind.


For students who are struggling, studying online can make a world of difference. At Sterling Academy, you set your own study schedule and you work at your own pace. That means you have all the time you need to practice the skills and think about the concepts that are part of each course. The ability to master one thing before moving on to the next builds self-confidence rather than frustration. You have the power to succeed.

As an online student, you have access to all our core required classes as well as many more electives than most traditional schools are able to offer. Online courses are interactive, so they are more engaging, often including videos and other alternative learning techniques. When you have questions or need assistance, you can schedule a mutually-convenient one-on-one session with your teacher.

Sterling Academy lets you take control of your learning, not only in daily pacing, but also by offering generous grade-level completion timelines that can be customized to your personal situation and needs.  


If you failed a class (received a D or F grade) or failed to complete a class at your regular school, you can re-take the class to improve your grade through our credit recovery program. This program is available for both core subjects and electives.  


You may attend Sterling Academy full-time, working to earn your high school diploma. You may also attend part-time if you wish to remain enrolled at your regular school but take certain classes for which you need more time. Sterling Academy is a regionally accredited school, so you can easily transfer the credits you earn back to your high school.