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Our Mission, Vision and Values.

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Sterling Academy Vision Statement

Education is the key to our students’ future. Sterling Academy strives to enable students to acquire that key by providing an alternative path to middle and high school graduation, and setting them on the course of a lifelong practice of self-motivated learning, in an environment that prepares them for a successful life in the global 21st century.

Sterling Academy Mission Statement

1) We provide a quality, rigorous education while taking into account each individual student's learning style.
2) We foster an environment which allows students, without the restrictions of time and place, to take ownership and responsibility of their education by being flexible with course selections and course pacing in order to help them reach their desired goals.
3) We provide access to cutting edge 21st century technologies; create diversity through curriculum and student body in order to give them a competitive advantage in this global 21st century.
4) We foster a school culture based on a strong and effective partnership between our administration, teachers, parents, and students. 

Sterling Academy Values

1) We value quality in education.  We want our students to be properly challenged such that they are adequately prepared to face their next step in life, whether it is college or career. We value quality teachers who are eager to see their students succeed, and we expect students to produce work to the best of their ability, and not turn in assignments with the intent of doing just enough to get by.

2) We value honesty and integrity.  We do not make misleading statements in order to "make a sale" to prospective parents or students, or "look good" to accreditation agencies and the government; we strive to present the aspects of our school as accurately as possible.  We conduct our daily operations with honesty and integrity in mind, and expect our students to do the same.