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Online Middle School Curriculum

Sterling Academy is Cognia accredited and provides curriculum produced by Edgenuity, learn more below

Online Middle School Curriculum

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Sterling Academy offers online courses for middle school students in grades 6 through 8.  Students are required to take 4 courses per year, but may take additional courses, such as world languages, computer usage, and other electives -- up to 2 full-year electives per year, if desired.  The standard curriculum for middle school students is shown below: 

6th Grade
Language Arts 1
Grade 6 Mathematics+
World History+
Life Science OR Comprehensive Science 1+*
7th Grade
Language Arts 2
Grade 7 Mathematics+
Earth/Space Science OR Comprehensive Science 2+*
8th Grade
Language Arts 3
United States History+
Physical Science OR Comprehensive Science 3+*

+Advanced versions of these courses are available (kind of like an honors version for middle school). 

In addition, before completing middle school, a student must also take at least one of the following courses:

  • Middle School Career Research & Decision Making
  • Orientation To Career Clusters

These two courses for middle school students help them start thinking about their career direction. Middle School Career Research & Decision Making introduces students to the world of work.  Orientation to Career Clusters presents seventeen different career fields for the student to become acquainted with and explore.

Here is a short demonstration video from one of our middle school courses.


*If a student wishes to choose Comprehensive Science, where biology, earth/space science and physical science are all mixed in every year, then the student must choose Comprehensive Science for all three years.  For students transferring in after 6th grade, unless they were taking Comprehensive Science in their previous school, they should take the specific science courses (Earth/Space Science and/or Physical Science).

If a student transferring in has already had a course, a different one not yet taken will be substituted.  For example, someone entering our school in 8th grade who already had United States History in middle school but not Civics, then that student would take Civics.



Electives For Middle School Students

The following elective courses we offer are specifically designed for middle school students:

  • Middle School Journalism: Tell Your Story ($)**
  • Middle School Exploring Music ($)
  • Middle School 2D Studio Art^ ($)
  • Middle School Digital Art & Design^ ($)
  • Middle School Photography: Drawing With Light^ ($)
  • Middle School Game Design ($)
  • Middle School Reading
  • Middle School Intensive Reading

Students who need to sharpen their reading skills can take Middle School Reading. For students who like to read, Middle School Intensive Reading helps students improve their reading skills through a journey with American, British, Japanese, and other writers, including stories about dragons, Hercules, and a lone teen in the wilderness of the North Pole.

Sterling Student Scrolls Logo

**Sterling Academy has a student-created and maintained website, Sterling Student Scrolls.  Middle school students who participate in this website during their entire time in the middle school journalism course will receive a refund on their course surcharge.

^These courses require students to supply some of their own materials in order to complete course projects.
($) Courses with the dollar symbol require a $99 surcharge per semester on top of the regular tuition price.

World Languages Courses for Middle School Students

Get a jump on your high school foreign language requirement! Two years of a world language taken in middle school at Sterling Academy will earn one credit of high school world language at Sterling Academy.  Thus, a student who has completed two years of the same foreign language in middle school at Sterling Academy can begin high school studying the second year of their foreign language at Sterling Academy rather than starting with the first year.  We offer courses in Chinese, German, Latin, French, and Spanish for both middle school and high school.

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