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Prospective Students

Who is a good candidate to attend online school at Sterling Academy?

Almost Everyone!

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Who are you?

The reasons to switch to online study are as varied as students themselves. Perhaps you recognize yourself in one of these scenarios:

  • You have scheduling challenges due to non-school activities such as competitive sports  performance commitments.

  • You have personal challenges such as illness or concerns about difficult social situations at your regular school.

  • You have academic challenges, because you typically work faster or slower than the “normal” classroom pace.

  • You travel frequently with your family or you live abroad, either as an expat or because you’re a foreign national.

  • You are a homeschool student who wishes to continue self-paced learning as you enter high school.

  • You wish to take classes not offered at your regular high school, to pursue a personal interest or to round out your high school transcript in preparation for applying to colleges. 

You’re all welcome, because Sterling Academy exists just for you. 

Whether you are full or part-time...   

You may attend Sterling Academy as a full-time student working to earn your high school diploma. You may also attend as a part-time student, to take electives or Honors courses your school does not offer. Because we are a regionally accredited school, you can easily transfer the credits you earn back to your high school. Whether full- or part-time, you may enroll and begin your studies at any time.


Free E-Book: Online Schooling - How It Works