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Online High School Curriculum at

Sterling Academy

Sterling Academy is AdvancED accredited and provides curriculum produced by Edgenuity, learn more below:

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Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Sterling Academy, the following credits must be earned. One credit is the equivalent to two semesters of study in a subject. 

Subject Area   Credits Required
English   4
Math   4
Science   3
Social Studies   4
Fine Arts   1
Physical Education   1
Online Learning & Digital Citizenship   0.5
Electives   6.5

While the above are the minimums, those who are planning to go on to college are recommended to have 4 credits of science and 2 credits of a world language.  

Our Typical Four Year Plan

Here is a sample of what a college-bound high school student at Sterling Academy may choose.

Freshman - Semester 1

1. Online Learning & Digital Citizenship
2. English 1A
3. Algebra I A
4. Biology A
5. World Cultural Geography A
6. World Language I A

Freshman-Semester 2

1. English 1B
2. Algebra 1B
3. Biology B
4. World Cultural Geography B
5. Personal Fitness or Fitness Lifestyle Design
6. World Language I B

Sophomore - Semester 1

1. English 2A
2. Geometry A
3. Chemistry A
4. World History A
5. Health 1: Life Management Skills
6. World Language II A

Sophomore - Semester 2

1. English 2B
2. Geometry B
3. Chemistry B
4. World History B
5. Elective
6. World Language II B


Junior - Semester 1

1. English 3A
2. Algebra 2A
3. Environmental Science A
4. United States History A
5. Art In World Cultures
6. Elective

Junior - Semester 2

1. English 3B
2. Algebra 2B
3. Environmental Science B
4. United States History B
5. Art Appreciation & History
6. Elective

Senior - Semester 1

1. English 4A
2. Pre-Calculus A or other math course
3. Physics A
4. United States Government
5. Elective
6. Elective

Senior - Semester 2

1. English 4B
2. Pre-Calculus B or other math course
3. Physics B
4. Economics
5. Elective
6. Elective

We recommend students take the most rigorous courses available and within their ability.

Honors courses are available -- see the list on this page.

Electives are available in the following subject areas:  Business, digital arts, computer applications and programming, engineering, health sciences (nursing, pharmacy, etc.) and social science (psychology & sociology).  

Note: All full-time students entering the 9th grade or transferring in from another school are required to take the course Online Learning & Digital Citizenship their first term with us.  (Incoming 12th graders may substitute Critical Thinking & Study Skills for OL&DC.)  

Students should expect to spend an amount of time on their studies per week that is comparable to the amount of time spent in school at a bricks-and-mortar school.  With our program, however, students can choose how to arrange those hours in the way needed to accommodate their schedule.



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