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Homeschool Students

Online study enables homeschool students to take learning to the next level

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Homeschooling your child takes exceptional dedication. As they get older, your time commitment can become overwhelming. And many parents say they feel less confident teaching increasingly advanced subjects. Even parents who remain committed to personally helping guide their child’s educational journey are looking for ways to expose their student to the broadest possible range of subjects and opportunities.


Online study is an ideal next step for homeschool students who are accustomed to individually-paced learning and working in a non-traditional school setting. At Sterling Academy, we welcome full-time middle school students as well as high school students working toward their diploma.

Your child may also enroll part-time, to augment their homeschool work with complex core classes like math and science or to take advantage of our outstanding array of electives that include foreign languages, technology and other specialized learning opportunities. Sterling Academy offers a broad-spectrum curriculum for every type of learner. In fact, many homeschool students give us a try by taking a single course but choose to stay with us and become full-time, to earn an accredited high school diploma.

Our “online homeschool” provides students with all the courses they need for a well-rounded education. Instruction is interactive and interesting, incorporating video lectures, special projects and labs along with reading and writing assignments. Our certified teachers bring real-world experience to their work, and they have flexible availability to schedule one-on-one sessions when students have questions or need extra help.

Like homeschooling, online study enables students to follow their passion and teaches them essential critical thinking and problem solving skills they will need for success in the 21st century. It opens more doors for youngsters who have no idea as yet what they want to “be” when they grow up. As a parent, you can be confident your child is getting a top-quality education, because Sterling Academy is regionally accredited by Cognia, a widely recognized and respected accreditation agency serving 36,000 institutions with a total of 25 million students and 5 million educators.

Sterling Academy is 100% online, so your child can study from their computer anywhere with an internet connection. Because each student sets their own schedule, you can conveniently accommodate family activities. Parents are no longer responsible for testing, grading work, etc. Instead, all you have to do is enroll your child, make sure they’re logging in and working on their courses, receive reports on their progress and, of course, continue to take pride in their academic progress and growing self-assurance.


Is your child a sports-lover? As a homeschool student in high school, Tim Tebow also scrimmaged with teammates in the Florida High School Athletic Association. He went on to win the Heisman Trophy and become a well-known professional football player. Today, he speaks around the country, debunking the stereotype that homeschoolers are “not very athletic.”