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Online Middle School | Sterling Academy

We use modern technology to prepare all types of middle school students to succeed in the 21st century

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We take full advantage of the scalability of online technology to deliver a broader, more relevant array of options in engaging and varied ways. That includes using videos and interactive activities as well as more traditional study techniques. At Sterling Academy, one course credit is equivalent to two semesters of study in a subject. Our school offers flexible grade-level completion timelines based on students’ needs.


100% online middle school is always available when you’re ready to study. Sterling Academy students can log in 24/7, any day, on their computer or device from anywhere that has an internet connection. Student-controlled learning makes it easy to work at a comfortable speed and also accommodate non-traditional personal or family schedules.


Whether your student learns at home, abroad, from a hospital bed or on location working or performing or competing, they can receive the same education they would receive at a brick-and-mortar middle school – only better.


Traditional middle schools typically cannot offer the range of electives you’ll find at Sterling Academy. Your student can supplement required core learning with classes from world languages to digital arts, to personalize their academic journey. Our coursework is delivered in a variety of formats, too. Learning is more appealing because it’s more relevant.


The years between grade school and high school are crucial for student success. At Sterling Academy, your child will get as much support as they need to master facts and concepts, because our teachers have flexibility to schedule one-on-one consultation sessions with students.