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Online High School at Sterling Academy

We use modern technology to prepare all types of students to succeed in the 21st century

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We take full advantage of the scalability of online technology to deliver a broader, more relevant array of options in engaging and varied ways. That includes using videos and interactive activities as well as more traditional study techniques. At Sterling Academy, one course credit is equivalent to two semesters of study in a subject. Our school offers flexible grade-level completion timelines based on students’ needs.


100% online high school is always available when you’re ready to study. You can log in on your computer 24/7, any day, from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. Student-controlled learning makes it easy to accommodate unusual personal schedules and to work at your own pace.


Whether you are at home, abroad, in a hospital or on location working or performing or competing, you can receive the same education you would receive at a brick-and-mortar high school – only better – and graduate with an American high school diploma.


Most traditional high schools cannot offer the range of electives you’ll find at Sterling Academy. You can supplement required core learning with classes from Chinese to digital arts to engineering, to broaden your knowledge base, check out potential career fields and spice up your academic journey.


Classroom teachers have to give equal time to every student, and that’s not easy. At Sterling Academy, you can schedule a personal session with your online teacher for Q&A or to discuss a particular topic. You always get teacher support as needed to master each concept and subject.