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Honors Students

Attending online school at Sterling Academy is a smart choice for honors students

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Honors students are “quick studies” -- sometimes in one or two subjects and sometimes across the board. If that’s you, you know how easy it is to become bored or frustrated in your traditional high school. Your classes are not challenging enough, because the “average” pace is too slow or the subject matter isn’t deep enough to hold your interest. You may feel disenchanted with high school, or you may want to graduate early so you can get on to college.


At Sterling Academy, classes are 100% online. You set your own study schedule, and work at your own pace. When the material is easy for you, you can zip through it, and if you get stuck on something or have questions, you can schedule a session with your teacher for one-on-one assistance or discussion. There are no time constraints on you, so you can graduate as early as you want – as long as you meet the minimum requirements, of course.

In addition to required core classes, we offer an outstanding range of electives – far more than you would find at a traditional school. That means we have more options to pique your interest or help you delve deeper into a subject. These courses enable you to boost the power of your college application with higher-difficulty classes and get a head start on investigating possible career fields.

At Sterling Academy, you’ll never be bored waiting around for the rest of the class to “get it” so you can move forward.


By taking Honors and Advanced Placement classes at Sterling Academy, you demonstrate your commitment to stretching academically. These courses are more difficult, but the rewards are greater, strengthening your college application by showing you take on challenges above what is required.


Honors students may attend Sterling Academy full-time, to earn your high school diploma. You may also enroll part-time if you wish to take specific electives, Honors or Advanced Placement courses your school does not offer. Sterling Academy is a regionally accredited school, so you can easily transfer the credits you earn back to your high school.