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High School Engineering Courses at Sterling Academy

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Engineers design!  How do you make a roller coaster more exciting? Better engineering! That's just one of the many fields where engineering design makes a difference -- from aerospace to industrial, from environmental to electrical, engineers are needed in many fields.  Get your start in Engineering -- or just see if it's something you might like -- by taking high school courses in Engineering at Sterling Academy!  We offer Engineering Design I & II, each course equivalent to one semester (0.5 credit). 

Full-time students at Sterling Academy can take these courses for their electives.  If you are a full-time student at another school but your school does not offer these courses, you can enroll at Sterling Academy part-time and take the courses you wish; these courses are 100% online, and since we are an accredited school, you can easily transfer the credit from these back to your high school.

Note: The engineering courses require software that only works on the Windows operating system.




Engineering Design I

Designers and manufacturers in virtually every industry use computer-aided design systems to create engineering design solutions. In this one-semester course, students will master the basics of CAD software: creating points, lines, other geometric forms, isometric drawings, and 3D models. Students will learn how to translate initial concepts into functional designs and 3D walkthroughs. Students will explore career options for engineers and CAD designers in this hands-on introductory-level course.

This course includes instruction on how to create standardized drawings using basic CAD tools; interpreting 3D and 2D views of objects; producing orthographic, auxiliary, and section drawings; and creating a set of working drawings meant to be viewed by clients.

Engineering Design II

In the second half of this yearlong course sequence, students will continue to develop the engineering and computer-aided design skills gained in Engineering Design I. Students will continue to explore the principles of 2D and 3D modeling and design using CreoTM Elements/ DirectTM Modeling Personal Edition and build on the math and reasoning skills essential to engineering. The hands-on experience students will gain through completing design challenges, product analyses, and more will equip them with the tools engineers need to succeed.

This course includes instruction on how to manipulate both 2D and 3D objects in a 3D environment, an overview of the design process, how to perform in-depth product analysis, the mathematical skills used in 2D and 3D geometry, and how to dimension objects.