Online Middle School: Building an Education Today for a Bigger Advantage Tomorrow | Sterling Academy

Online Middle SchoolSterling Academy offers online courses for middle school students in grades six through eight. Students are required to take four courses per year, but may take additional courses and  electives--up to two full-year electives per year.

We give your children an education that will prepare them for this ever-changing world. As a parent, you want to afford your children the best opportunities available--and that starts with a strong academic foundation.

How do we get your children excited to start their day with Sterling?

Our interactive online middle school curriculum engages students with a variety of activities, from videos to labs, from web content to the occasional educational game.  This variety of activities provides interesting course material that encourages students to learn more.

Language Arts (English): Our English courses help students to develop crucial reading and writing skills, such as basic phonics, grammar and sentence structure, while encouraging a love of the written word.

Mathematics: Math is the world’s universal language, and we strive for your children to be fluent in it. Our online middle school mathematics program uses online teaching and interactive labs to engage students and enhance their learning. Our program highlights important skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving. We believe it’s not just about knowing the right answer; it’s about understanding the concepts behind arriving at that answer.

Science: We nurture your children’s natural curiosity about the physical world. Our courses were designed to be hands-on in order to allow students to: combine investigations, analyze and interpret data, form explanations, record journal entries and participate in lab so they can arrive at their own well-informed conclusions.

Social Studies: From medieval to modern times, our World History course takes students on a journey through time to show them how the great civilizations were born and evolved to shape our world. Our United States history course narrates the story of our nation and explores its economic and progressive reforms. Our Civics course explores the country’s political fabric to give students a comprehensive understanding of what an American citizenship truly is.

Electives: Our elective courses cover a range of options from health sciences to digital arts. Starting in middle school, students at Sterling Academy have the option to take elective courses which count toward high school credit. These courses help direct a students learning path while giving them a head start on their high school career.

As educators, our purpose is to build on your children’s existing education and to challenge them to do their best, so they set high standard for themselves now and for the rest of their lives.