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Finding the Right Algebra 2 Online Courses for Your Student

Posted by Sterling Staff on Aug 11, 2021 2:00:18 PM

Whether you’re looking to transition to online schooling full or part time, finding the right course for yourself or for your child can be difficult. Given the sheer number of online schools available, it can be challenging to find the best option. Finding core classes such as Mathematics, English, and Science can be especially hard because curriculum varies by state and school district. Luckily, there are some simple criteria that can help you make an educated decision. Whether your goal is to get ahead in your high school requirements, retake a class you didn’t pass, or free up more time for other classes, here is some advice on how to find Algebra 2 online courses from reputable and rigorous online schools:  

Overview of Algebra 2 Online Courses

Generally, Algebra 2 courses cover advanced algebraic concepts, probability, and trigonometry. Algebra 1 and Geometry are typically prerequisites for Algebra 2, but this can vary by school. Researching your district’s math curriculum can help provide a better idea of what requirements to look for in an online Algebra 2 course. Also, researching the learning methods of your potential online course can help you decide if it’s a good fit for you or your child. For example, some courses provide real-time virtual lectures where students can ask questions like they could in a classroom, while others provide recorded lectures for students to view at their own pace. 

Importance of Choosing a Regionally Accredited Online School

If you want to transfer your Algebra 2 course elsewhere, then choosing a regionally accredited online school can make the process much easier. A well-known example is Cognia, which has three primary Accreditation Divisions based in the North Central, Northwest, and Southern areas of the United States. Cognia ensures that its accredited schools are dedicated to student performance, teacher effectiveness, and student learning. It also requires schools to have the proper resources and services available to support student success.    

Digital Support Options for Algebra 2 Online Courses

When choosing an online Algebra 2 course, it is important to research the class’s digital support options intended to aid student learning. For example, Sterling Academy provides an individualized learning experience where students can work at their own pace and seek one-on-one help with teachers as needed. Some online schools charge students for getting extra help from teachers, so be aware of that when researching Algebra 2 online courses. The online school should encourage teachers to provide open and continuous communication with students to keep them on track and to see if they need additional assistance. Having the ability to connect with peers for support can also help improve learning outcomes. Reading reviews for the school can be useful for discovering this type of information. 

Study Online at Sterling Academy

At Sterling Academy, we provide one-on-one support, flexibility, quality education, caring teachers, and more. Because we are a Cognia regionally accredited school, students can easily transfer their credits from our school to another K-12 school. We offer Algebra 2 online courses as well as other Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Science courses. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of electives such as World Languages, Digital Arts, Engineering, and more. Contact us for more information today!

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