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Why Game Design Classes for High School Students Are a Good Choice

Posted by Sterling Staff on Oct 18, 2021 9:11:01 AM

There is really no such thing as a standard high school curriculum anymore. Yes, completion of certain basic math, science, language arts, and history classes are usually included as part of most secondary education requirements; but beyond a few core courses, high school education can — and should be — centered on the passions and interests of individual students. Rather than simply preparing them for future success, high school should inspire students to dream, stretching their imaginations so that they are able to recognize and assess endeavors they might never have otherwise contemplated. Thus, part of a good education is exposing kids to new ideas through unique and unusual electives. Here are five reasons to consider game design classes for high school students:


  1. Game Design Classes for High School Students Inspire Creativity

    In contrast to many foundational courses, coding and programming are inherently creative processes, demanding curiosity, imagination, innovation, and agility rather than mere memorization. Game design classes for high school students, in particular, rely on abstract thinking, as well as experimentation, to foster ideas, develop a story and bring concepts to life. Research shows that having an outlet for creative expression increases a student’s confidence, encourages the development of advanced problem-solving skills, decreases his or her anxiety, and leads to a deeper understanding of a subject.

  2. They Teach Logical Thinking

    The goal of any educational program is to inspire understanding. And understanding stems from logical, critical thought. Because the essence of computer programming is decomposition, taking a problem and breaking it into smaller parts so that it can be figured out, game design classes for high school students are the perfect vector for teaching computational thinking, the foundation on which more advanced thinking evolves.

  3. Game Design Classes Strengthen Communication Skills

    Coding is essentially a type of language, and studies show that learning a new language actually builds brain matter, providing enhanced cellular connections that enable increased cognitive processing and safeguard against age-related brain deterioration. The result: game design classes for high school students help to open and protect students’ minds so that they can better understand the world around them.

  4. They Improve Career Opportunities 

    Being able to code is a very marketable skill. Game design classes for high school students teach essential computer programming skills that many future employers look for in employees. A background in coding opens doors for students in college and beyond.


  5. Game Design Classes for High School Students are Fun

    Of course, coding is also fun, providing students with an outlet to explore, design, and create without limit. Adding courses that spark the interest of students and are enjoyable allows kids to relax for at least part of their school day, better preparing them for other courses which might be less appealing.

The Sterling Academy Difference

At Sterling Academy, we believe students need access not just to quality core classes, but to electives that excite and engage them. Our game design courses offer learners the opportunity to explore a potentially marketable (and lucrative) interest while at the same time instilling in them fundamental academic skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Please contact our Enrollment Office to learn more about what makes Sterling Academy different from other online institutions.


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