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Is curriculum at online schools different from traditional schools?

Posted by Sterling Staff on Dec 1, 2014 5:30:00 PM

Online school curriculum is the same as traditional school curriculum, in that it includes all the state requirements necessary for students to graduate from a bricks-and-mortar high school. That includes the core subject areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, as well as other required courses such as health & PE, languages and fine arts.

However, online school curriculum goes beyond what is offered in traditional schools. Typically the curriculum is more extensive and varied, and online students have the flexibility to accomplish learning at their own pace.

CurriculumSchool districts are limited by their budgets and their need to address the entire population of students, which can significantly restrict ability to provide individually-tailored learning opportunities. For some districts, it restricts ability to provide top quality teaching materials and teachers.

At Sterling Academy, we are proud to provide an exceptional online school curriculum, developed by Edgenuity. This curriculum is used in all 50 states, by blended schools as well as full-time online schools. It is regionally accredited, which ensures quality and consistency. It’s important to note that the online school you choose should also be regionally accredited.

In addition to a full range of standards-based core curriculum, we are able to offer many electives traditional schools may not be able to provide, such as Chinese and German or digital arts courses. Students attending a traditional school sometimes choose to augment their education by taking these special electives online.

Our online school curriculum is delivered in multiple formats including direct-instruction videos, interactive learning tools and labs. Unlike in a traditional classroom, our students can back up and listen again to the parts of the lecture they missed or did not understand.  Because students have more control over their learning, they are more motivated.

The curriculum is rigorous, allowing students to develop deeper knowledge and understanding of topics. Lessons are designed to ensure students understand the material as they go along.

Students can interact with teachers one-on-one when they need help or have questions. Ongoing progress evaluations enable teachers to determine where students need extra help. Personalized learning enables students who are below grade level in a subject to catch up before moving forward, rather than simply skipping over important foundational learning. It also allows students who have already mastered certain skills or concepts to move as quickly as they are able.

It empowers students to take more control and responsibility over their education and to be more successful as a result. Study programs can be arranged so that students graduate at the same time they would if attending a traditional school, even though their study schedule may be quite different.

Online education affords students greater opportunity to pursue their own personal interests and explore new career options, becoming more skilled and better prepared for their next steps in life. They have access to some advanced placement courses as well as preparation for professional certifications.  

Even the best curriculum requires an environment conducive to learning. Online schools enable students with non-traditional lifestyles or those who aren’t comfortable in a bricks-and-mortar setting to study on their own, at their own pace, in a supportive environment.

Personalization has long been proven to help students at all levels succeed. Online school curriculum provides a first-rate education that provides a solid foundation for college or career success.

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