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What can I do to make sure I graduate high school in time?

Posted by Sterling Staff on Mar 13, 2015 9:14:00 AM

All high schools require students to complete a certain number of courses in order to graduate. If you’re worried about coming up short, Credit Recovery Courses can help get you back on track so you can graduate high school on time.

At Sterling Academy, we offer 55 credit recovery courses, from core subjects to electives -- courses such as geometry, biology and psychology.



Credit recovery is an excellent option for two reasons:

  1. You took a class but failed it. Even if you’re a pretty good student most of the time, sometimes a particular subject is simply tougher to grasp. In a traditional classroom setting, you may not be able to get as much help as you need to stay up with the class. With a credit recovery course you are able to build on the knowledge you already have to work hard and pass the course.

  2. You took a class and passed it, but only got a D. If you plan to apply to college, re-taking a course in which you earned a D can help boost your GPA. (Courses with a grade of C or higher cannot be re-taken for credit.) A boost in your GPA can equate to easier college acceptance and the option to not take remedial courses when entering college.

Customized learning.

When you enroll in an online credit recovery course, you will not have to re-study material you have already mastered. You’ll start each unit with a pre-test, and if you pass you can skip that unit and move on to the next one. In this way, you can concentrate on what you still need to learn and finish the course sooner, helping make sure you can graduate on time.

And there’s another advantage. As an online student, you can get as much help as you need. Whenever you have questions or you feel stuck on something, teachers are available to assist you one-on-one.

Online enrollment makes it easy to take credit recovery courses.

No matter what high school you attend, you can enroll as a part-time student at Sterling Academy to take one or more credit recovery courses. Because we are an online high school, you can study on your own schedule, from anywhere with an internet connection. That makes it easy to accommodate your regular class and after-school schedule while making up essential course credits.

Transfer your credits back to your regular high school.

Sterling Academy is accredited by AdvancED/SACS, an agency which is widely recognized by public and private high schools as well as colleges and universities. That means you should be able to easily transfer the credits you earn with us back to your regular school. However, it will be up to your high school to make the final decision about accepting credits.   

Your school will look at two criteria when making that decision:

  1. They will look at the course content to be sure it covers similar enough material as their course. If not, they may accept your incoming credits for a different course or reject the transfer of credits.  

  2. Credit transfer is especially simple when both schools use the same credit system. For instance Sterling Academy assigns one credit per full-year high school course, which is standard in Florida.  If your school uses a format that is substantially different, transfer may be a bit more complicated.

You can easily address these questions ahead of time, so when you enroll in a credit recovery course at Sterling Academy you’ll know for certain the credits you earn can be easily transferred and you’ll be able to graduate on time.

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