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Important Remote Work Skills That All High School Students Need to Master

Posted by Sterling Staff on Jan 7, 2022 3:42:00 PM

As Covid-19 ushered the entire country into working remotely, Sterling Academy was ahead of the curve. Nowadays companies seeking highly desirable candidates are looking for more than the highest GPA or ACT score; they are also looking for the soft skills needed to be successful in the ever-changing business world. Here are four essential skills needed for the remote world that students can master in high school!

Effective Communication

Whether it’s written, in person, or via video conferencing, communication has become even more important in our newly remote world. More and more companies are choosing to allow employees to work from home, and online schooling helps to prepare students to navigate that potential reality. In their communications with their teachers, Sterling Academy students practice multiple forms of communication to ready them for the future business world. In addition, because our school is asynchronous, students get to practice composing emails, making phone calls, and setting up video conferences, skills widely used in most businesses. 

Time Management

Whether working in person or remotely, time management is a must-have skill! Employers don’t have the ability to constantly check in with their employees or casually stop by when working remotely; they must rely on their workers’ ability to efficiently plan their schedules. Remote education allows students to take their schedules into their own hands. Sterling Academy encourages students to work at their own pace and on their own schedules. Students can use helpful tools like the course map or course calendar to keep track of their tasks and manage their own time effectively. This practice transitions seamlessly into remote working. 

Digital Competence

The online world is full of possibilities. From communication programs, like Microsoft Teams, to learning management systems, like Buzz, virtual students are tasked with mastering a variety of online platforms in order to become successful. Sterling Academy students are no exception. Each incoming freshman student is required to take an online learning and digital citizenship course to guide them in their future virtual learning. This helps young adults learn appropriate online behavior and how to be successful in a remote environment. 


All business owners want their employees to have the drive and initiative to improve the company and online learning is the perfect preparation for workers. Students in an online environment must be self-motivated and willing to push themselves without constant supervision. They have to manage their schedules, studies and ask for help all on their own. In addition, Sterling Academy allows students to challenge themselves by choosing to take AP, honors, and dual credit courses as well as a variety of electives. Students with a completely remote learning experience can graduate with even more highly desirable skills for the future work environment. 

Want to Learn More?

Remote work skills are necessary in today’s digitally-connected world. They not only enable students to succeed in an academic realm, they set people of all ages up for positive outcomes in the real world as well. To learn more about remote work skills and how mastering them in high school can lead to future success, please contact Sterling Academy today

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