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How Do Online High School Science Courses Work?

Posted by Sterling Staff on Nov 3, 2021 10:23:51 AM

If you’re considering enrolling in an online high school science course, you might be wondering how that works. High school science, after all, is most often a hands-on experience, necessitating collaborative work and integrating personal research with professional instruction.  

Here at Sterling Academy, however, “online” doesn’t mean hands-off. We offer a comprehensive and experiential science curriculum that combines carefully curated video lectures with practical lab training, ensuring that our students become critical thinkers and are well-prepared for all postsecondary science education if they choose. Here’s what you can expect:

Online High School Science Courses At Sterling Academy are Rigorous 

Like in-person science classes, online high school science courses at Sterling Academy are interactive, challenging, and fully cover the subject curriculum as mandated by Cognia accreditation standards. Our students are taught to think critically and problem solve, ensuring that they have an advanced scientific understanding of the subject at hand by the end of the school year. In addition, credit for any of our online high school science courses can be easily transferred to a college or university or another K-12 school. 

Online High School Science Courses at Sterling Academy are Personalized

A distinct advantage of online high school science courses at Sterling Academy is our ability to personalize the lab experience for our students. Instead of being confined to a specific time, place, and/or learning pace, each of our students is able to manage lab work in a way that suits his or her own personal learning style. Fast learners can forge ahead, but others can always take extra time to review steps and notes when necessary, with one-on-one instruction available should students become stuck.

Online High School Science Courses at Sterling Academy are Flexible

Ultimately, the true value of any online high school science course is its flexibility. Students learn in a multitude of ways. At Sterling Academy, we provide excellent science instruction according to each of our students’ own unique schedules. We allow our students to monitor their own progress, as well as choose when, where, and how they learn core scientific principles. While we certainly establish learning guidelines and reasonable expectations, we remain always aware that student progress is the measure of our success and work to ensure that all students have the tools they need to grow intellectually and emotionally as individuals.

Want to Learn More?

Online high school science courses follow the same curriculum as other accredited schools with the added benefit of tailoring instruction to meet the individual demands of each and every student in a class. To learn more about the benefits of online learning, please contact Sterling Academy

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