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4 Reasons to Take French 3 Online

Posted by Sterling Staff on Oct 28, 2021 9:40:00 AM

In today’s competitive educational landscape, multilingual competency can give aspiring students a substantial advantage over their peers. Indeed, numerous studies indicate a positive correlation between learning a second language and academic achievement, with students who study a second language improving their college admission test scores with each year of advancing language study. (And just for comparison: studying other subjects for multiple years shows no similar advantage.) Furthermore, many admissions counselors look for advanced language instruction on a prospective student’s application as an indication of his or her commitment to hard work and appreciation of academic value. But learning a second language doesn’t just influence access to higher education; research also demonstrates that multilingual college graduates often have higher salaries and better job security than those with mastery of only one! With digital technologies providing faster, easier access to language courses coupled with the fact that many believe French to be the “Language of the Future,” there’s really no good reason to not take French 3 online. Here’s a short list to prove our point:


  1. French is the 5th Most Spoken Language in the World

    More than 300 million people speak French. Other than English and Arabic, French is spoken in more countries than any other single language. And other than English, it’s the most studied language. By 2050 research suggests French could become the language of choice across Africa! With the current and impending worldwide prevalence of the French language, there’s little doubt that students would benefit from expanding their French knowledge by taking French 3 online; the convenience of digital learning options means advanced language learning is now more accessible and more affordable than ever.  

  2. Learning French Invites Opportunity

    French fluency opens the door to travel and encourages business opportunities. As the official language in 29 countries, nine sovereign entities, and 36 international organizations, French is a language that is beneficial to know. Being able to converse intelligibly enables you to live and work much like a native French speaker, exposing you to opportunities not available to those less experienced in the nuances of French communication.


  3. Multilingualism Has Been Shown to Foster Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills

    Studies show that taking a class like French 3 online dramatically improves a person’s analytical skills by developing his or her objectivity and powers of concentration. Apparently, the practice it takes to become proficient in a second language strengthens complex cognitive reasoning processes that bolster a person’s ability to think critically in other areas, as well.   

  4. French Knowledge Improves Other Language Skills

    As a Romance language, French has deep roots in Latin. And because Latin informs many modern languages, learning French helps you understand the foundation of many words in other languages. In fact, approximately 56% of English vocabulary can be traced to French and/or Latin origins. Thus, taking French 3 online is an easy way to boost vocabulary comprehension across English, as well as a variety of other languages.

Want to Learn More?

Taking a French 3 online course dramatically improves a student’s chances for success later in life. Not only is there substantial evidence proving that a basic mastery of a language improves academic performance, there is further data to suggest the abundance of opportunities available to polyglots in the workforce post-graduation, as well. From improved critical reasoning and access to culture, literature and travel to business opportunities that lead to more money and higher advancement, a French 3 online course opens minds, as well as doors. To learn more about the benefits of advanced language learning on your own time and from the comforts of your own home, please contact Sterling Academy.

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