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Is Taking a High School US History Online Course a Good Idea?

Posted by Sterling Staff on Jan 17, 2022 1:46:00 PM

Education is more diverse than ever. Instead of choosing between the neighborhood school down the street and the private and/or parochial one in town, parents and their children now have multiple options: public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, private institutions, online academies, homeschooling, learning pods. Students can sometimes even move to public schools in other districts or take single courses from multiple places as they work their way toward graduation. The choices are often overwhelming, especially when parents have to determine if all the choices are actually good ones. Take a basic core class, like US history, for example: is an online high school US history course just as good as the US history course taught in a public school? Are all high school American history classes created equally? It depends.

An Online Course Can Be a Great Option

A high school US history online course can be a great option if the school providing it is fully accredited by a reputable agency. Sterling Academy is accredited by Cognia through the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS). As such, we are recognized as having met a variety of standards that enable our students to be competitive when compared to other reputable institutions (public, private or virtual). 

A High School US History Online Course is Often a Better Option than Its Traditional Alternative

Online classes offer many benefits. When compared to those offered in-person, online classes provide unparalleled flexibility. Students are able to work at an individual pace. They can move ahead as quickly or as slowly as needed, and they can complete assignments according to their own schedules. A US history online course is a particularly good option because students have unlimited access to the massive amount of information it covers. Instead of having to rely on their own note-taking skills during class, students can go back over the video lecture again and again if needed. This doesn’t mean there isn’t quality “discussion,” however, since classes at Sterling also incorporate reading and writing lessons that encourage active discourse.

The Sterling Academy Advantage

It can be difficult working through the various options students now have for completing their education, but neither parents nor students should ever be scared of online learning. Taking a US history course or any other core or elective class can be a viable — even wonderful — option for many students, providing the same — if not better — learning environment than other, more traditional alternatives. Please contact our team of educators at Sterling Academy to learn about the many benefits we offer 21st century learners.

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