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Enrolling in Online School For Second Semester

Posted by Sterling Staff on Jan 19, 2022 9:30:00 AM

The new calendar year can also mean a new school for many students at the start of second semester, and online schooling is becoming the clear choice for many families. Education is changing and adapting to meet the needs of individual students. Online learning can be the perfect match for someone interested in remote work after high school or the answer for a student struggling with anxiety. Students seeking a more flexible schedule or those who are concerned with their health and safety can also choose to make the switch to online schooling during the Spring semester! Whether in middle or high school, students have more choices now than ever before since reputable online schools (like our own Sterling Academy) provide students with versatile opportunities to continue their education with little disruption to their schedules or their lives. Here are a few tips and benefits to enrolling in online classes. 

Course Selection and Transition

Students enrolling in Sterling Academy have a variety of courses to meet their specific needs. Want to challenge yourself? Consider taking an AP course to potentially earn college credit.  Need to slow it down or return to a course you didn’t pass? Credit Recovery could be a great option! Enrolling and transitioning to Sterling Academy is easy! Students that have completed their courses for first semester can seamlessly transition into new courses for second semester. If for some reason courses were not completed during first semester, new enrollees can simply restart that course in the Spring semester and work at their own pace to catch up quickly. Regardless of where you are in your learning, Sterling Academy has a place for you.

Perfect Timing

One of the greatest perks to remote learning is the flexibility students get when choosing to enroll in online schooling. Unlike some online schools, at Sterling Academy, not only can students pick when to work on their assignments, they can also choose to enroll at any time! In addition, we offer both full and part time courses to best fit your schedule.

 Covid-19 created a new reality for many families and students. As more adults move into remote work, it makes sense that remote learning becomes easy and widely available for all types of students; Sterling Academy has done just that!

Apply for Admission and Enroll

Sterling Academy has created the optimal environment for online learning. The flexible pace of study, the range of potential courses (including AP, Honors, a variety of electives, and Credit Recovery), and the skills students learn in this newly remote world, makes it the perfect choice for an online academy. 

Now, contact your prospective new school and arrange admission. You will need to apply, submit a record of your previous courses and grades in the form of your transcript and possibly speak to an admissions counselor. Then, your last step would be notifying your current school of your plan to leave. So what are you waiting for? Contact Sterling Academy today!

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