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New school year, new school

Posted by Sterling Staff on Aug 24, 2015 7:58:00 AM

Was last year less than stellar for your middle or high school student? Are they already dreading the start of another school year? Perhaps a change of venue is in order. Simply switching schools may not address their challenges, but switching to online school has brought a huge sigh of relief to many students struggling with school – or the idea of going to school.

What could be the problem? Teens and pre-teens can lose interest in school for a variety of personal or education-related reasons. If any of these sound familiar, it’s time to seriously consider how online school can help. 


Mean-spirited or even abusive classmates can turn even the most ardent student away from school. And, sadly, students can be bullied by teachers, coaches or other school officials as well, with disparaging or snide remarks, eye-rolling, etc. that essentially tell students they are annoying or – worse – that they are “dumb” or disliked. No parent wants their child to endure such an environment.

Bullied youngsters can become depressed, anxious or even physically ill. Often they simply withdraw, losing interest in school altogether. Protecting their children from bullying is the number one reason parents investigate – and choose – 100% online school. Since online students can work from anywhere with an internet connection, they can easily study from home where they feel safe and relaxed.


Even when bullying isn’t a factor, school anxiety can debilitate middle and high school students. Peer pressure, cliques, gangs, drugs, drinking, smoking, violence (or worrying about possible violence), the need to fit in (or worrying that they don’t) can completely eclipse the goal of learning. Some students are so overwhelmed, they are actually afraid to go to school.

Sedentary school days

Sitting all day long is mind-numbing. As the day wears on, middle and high school students can find themselves yawning to stay awake rather than paying attention. Sitting for hours every day is unhealthy, because it restricts circulation, the very thing young brains need to focus and learn.

Sterling Academy students can get up and move around as much as they want because they set their own schedule. They can sit, stand up or work on a tablet so they can walk around. They can take a break whenever they need one.


Classroom teaching that doesn’t resonate

Especially if your child is a kinetic (hands-on) learner, classroom lectures aren’t the best means of imparting information. Students can “disconnect” from school simply because it isn’t a good fit.

Online learning is all about variety. Study comes in a variety of forms -- reading, writing and listening, but also through virtual science labs and interactive videos. Wouldn’t you be more interested and engaged if coursework delivery matched your learning style?

One-speed-fits-all teaching

Classroom teachers must present material at a pace that works for the majority of students. But what if your student isn’t average? Those who have questions or don’t quite grasp the material often don’t get the attention they need to keep up, simply because there isn’t time. Kids who are “quick studies” get bored.

Online school at Sterling Academy is self-paced. Every student works at their ideal speed for each course, so there is no classroom competition or clock-driven “learning.” Our accredited teachers have time for students, because their job is to facilitate understanding and success. Students can easily schedule a mutually convenient time to work with teachers one-on-one to get as much help as they need.

Our nation’s traditional brick-and-mortar middle and high schools are overwhelmed. They don’t have the resources to resolve your child’s learning challenges, whatever the cause. Switching to an online high school gives your student the freedom to focus on positives, putting them in control of when, how and where they learn, with assistance from caring, available teachers.

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